All dates below are correct but venues may change so please check here for updates.


PLEASE NOTE for sat nav users :- The postcodes given are those of the nearest properties to our working sites not the actual site itself – but they are not far away.



THE NEXT PRACTICE MEET:-  NOVEMBER 12th Ridge Farm, Diggle   (09:30 – 16:30)
We will work on the wall commenced on our last visit to Ridge Farm in August. Richard sponsors us on this one with a generous donation to Dr Kershaw’s – be good to get a good turn-out.

We have had to change the AGM date as below – apologies for any inconvenience

REMINDER  October 25th BRANCH AGM  7:30 The Cross Keys, Uppermill. Have your say and let us know what needs changing…be good to see you there.



January 8th  Practice Meet (PM) at  Larkhill, Dobcross – tremendous turn out (15) on such a miserable day. The big curve was completed and topped and the first lift of a new rebuild completed ( 10m + 5m started)

February 12th  PM at Ridge Farm, Diggle – In spite of the whiff of Siberia in the wind and horizontal snow/hail the branch showed excellent spirit with a healthy turn out. Well done if you were there!! Not pleasant at all so we spent the morning stripping out the ruined wall ready for our next visit in April and had an early finish. Spring is just around the corner – though it didn’t feel like it today.

March 12th PM at Larkhill, Dobcross – A hint of spring today and a fleeting glimpse of a couple of lapwings. We finished off and tidied up a good section of the wall along Larkhill Road (6m + 5m to top) Early finish as we got to the soggy ground that needs digging out and drying out before we build on it.

April 9th PM at Ridge Farm, Diggle – Beautiful spring day and dry underfoot for once. A very happy band commenced 15m of the new wall.

May 6th&7th  Training Course for Tameside MBC at Gorse Hall, Stalybridge – A full house of 14 enthusiastic trainees produced an excellent stretch of wall to replace the ruined wall that they dismantled on Saturday morning. (see Gallery)

May 14th PM at Larkhill, Dobcross – We commenced the final stages of the wall along the small paddock above the curve. The wall is now at a very comfortable stage for completion up to the fine new gate post.

June 11th PM at Larkhill, Dobcross – Doesn’t grass grow quickly? Once we had cleared the undergrowth and revealed the stone we soon had the wall going. Happy day, lovely weather and a great craich going.

July 2nd  Demonstration at Saddleworth Show – Lots of interest from the visitors to the show and the innevitable advice not to put down a stone once you have picked it up – myths are very persistent! Two sections of wall were built, one containing a cheek end and the other a step stile to accommodate the right of way across the site.

July 9th PM at Larkhill, Dobcross  We started a new section of wall on Larkhill Lane below the opening above the small paddock which gave us a chance to assess the site for the two training courses which will take place here in August and October. A happy band beneath blue skies.

August 5th&6th  Training Course at Larkhill, Dobcross  Beautiful weekend with another team of splendid trainees who built 17m of very sound wall. Many thanks to Val, Gill, Howard and Peter  for their invaluable help. This course was a first for the branch in that it is the first time that lady trainees outnumbered the fellers (7 to 5). John Lancashire, the farmer, was thrilled with the new wall. Monitored throughout by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight the two days were both enjoyable and memorable.

August 12th  Summer Social  (Walk + pub lunch)  We managed to walk before the weather turned fine but caught views from Alderman and Pots and Pans before making our way back to the welcoming Cross Keys to enjoy the craich over a few drinks and a tuck in. Very enjoyable and good company. Thanks for coming

August 13th PM at Ridge Farm, Diggle  Beautiful day for walling with everybody in the mood. New member Richard soon got into the swing and we left the wall basking in the sun with 9m completed. Richard Winterbottom gave us another £50 to pass on to Dr Kershaw’s Hospice….what a gent. 

September 10th PM at Larkhill, Dobcross The team completed and topped  the incomplete section so it is all ready for next month.

October 8th PM at Larkhill, Dobcross Sunshine and a great craich today. Perfect walling weather was appreciated as we commenced another 15m of wall along Larkhill Lane. Great to have three guests from West Yorkshire Branch helping out.

October 18th  Lancshire Branch DSWA   AGM   Cross Keys 7:30pm

October 21st&22nd  Training Course at Larkhill, Dobcross

November 12th PM at Ridge Farm, Diggle

December 8th  Christmas Social – Hot Pot  Cross Keys

December 10th PM Larkhill, Dobcross


How to book for Practice Meets

Practice meetings are for DSWA members only – to enjoy, relax and improve skill levels

So that we will know how much equipment will be needed all attendees should pre-book by contacting the secretary, Paul Clayton on 07733 103 500

What To Bring

The start and finish times are the same for all meetings, 9.30am to 4.30pm. You will need to bring with you strong footwear (preferably steel toecaps), gloves, waterproofs, your own hammer, packed lunch, drink and a smile.

The Small Print

Would all attendees make sure they provide a mobile contact number when booking in case any days need to be cancelled at short notice.